Remote Sound Control




  Here's one.  Let's say you have a large F.E.T. with a multi-kilowatt background music a PA system which is located in some corner of the basement, and you need to adjust the volume periodically during the day.  Well, drag out another old PC and use the sound card mixer as your control and use the other computers on the network to control it!  Want a bonus?  Have pre-recorded announcements stored in this computer that can be triggered remotely.  Now that's groovy!

This was how we did it.  There are two programs, one that runs on the sound computer and one that runs on any of the other networked computers.  These programs utilize a text-file on the sound computer that it accesses every few seconds for volume information.  Using network file sharing, any computer on the network is able to change the file and thus the volume.  The bonus is that the program can use other files to do whatever else might be useful, for example, "close.txt" for the facility closing announcement sequence and "playcd.txt " for when the satellite receiver gets under a thunderstorm.

Other than needing a occasional reboot (as all PCs do) we have had many years of service with this system, and it's a good way to recycle old PCs!



Here is a screen shot of the remote control.

Notice the button to play a CD.


Software samples coming soon.

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