Sample Song Clip Carlson Scientific  

The following is a sample from our MIDI library of band organ Music.  The clip is available in three different formats. 

This sample is a segment from a music roll arranged for a Wurlitzer 165.  The roll number is 6813.  It is the sixth song on the roll titled "On The Beautiful Blue Danube" by J. Strauss, jr.

The WAV file is a recording of the MIDI file played through a Roland SCC1 synthesizer board.  It is near-CD quality so, even though it is only about 38 seconds long, it is a rather large file, over 7 MB.


The MP3 file is converted from the WAV file so it sounds the same but is only about 800 KB.  If you have an MP3 player, this probably the best choice.


If you want to live dangerously, here is the actual MIDI file that was the source of the other two.  A word of caution; different synthesizers have varying sound quality and some respond to certain MIDI commands in different ways.  In the file are commands to shift the pitch slightly and on most synthesizers this effect is subtle, and gives a bit more realism to the sound. (see
MIDI and Mechanical Music) However, on some synths it sounds way out of tune!  The pitch information is easily removed by any MIDI editing program so if you want to experiment, here it is.

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